All the abrasive discs are fragile; it is absolutely necessary to take the due precautions in handling them.

It is indispensable that anyone handling the abrasive discs read this informative sheet.

Since the cutting-off wheels are very sharp and used by high-speed machinery (stationary or mobile), an improper use of the discs can be very dangerous.

Persons in charge of security must teach the operators as regards checks, assembly, use, safety regulation, and possible risks that can derive from an improper use of the abrasive discs.

It is obligatory to comply with the enforced use rules; the accident prevention rules the recommendations of the abrasive cutting-off and grinding wheels European Security Code F.E.P.A. (European Abrasive Producers Federation ) and of C.E.N. (European Normalization Committee).



Our sense of responsibility involves the moral obligation to ensure the quality of our production, which
is regularly tested as afterwards specified:

Lampiflex abrasive discs are made and tested according to the Italian legislative rules (law n° 320, November 5th, 1990) (DL 554, December 3rd, 1992). Our production is in compliance with the European rule of unified EN UNI security 12413 for the rotating agglomerated abrasive production.

Our production, beyond to a optic check on all the material, is tested according to parameters predetermined by precise rules: the discs are submitted to over- speed checks up to the break, according to the coefficients established by the laws. We check the resistance to the side pressure with a procedure called “collision test”.

In our cycle of manufacturing we don’t use lead, antimony and his derivatives.
There is not presence of silica dust (SiO2).

On demand we can issue security statement for agglomerated abrasive tools (document FEPA according to the EEC 91/155/CEE and rule ISO ST 11014 directive).

The most important thing for us is the attention to the quality of our production: we can ensure the top quality of our raw materials in order to grant high-quality goods.
We recommend anyway to use the abrasive discs complying with the enforced use rules.

The product must be stored and preserved in dry places at the same temperature not to compromise his maintenance.