Founded in 1950, Abrasivi Lampiflex propose to the customers a complete range of reinforced cutting and grinding wheels produced with selected raw materials.


The production is divided into two main categories:

  • Cutting-off wheel: used to cut every building material (with depressed centre or flat centre)
  • Grinding wheels: for the removal and emery

The two characteristics “flat centre” and “depressed centre” depend on the electric tools.
The application fields and the uses are always specified on the label of each product.
The technological evolution of the last few year has introduced a new category: the thin discs.
We offer a wide range of these products to meet the various needs of the operators.
These products have many advantages, such as precision and speed.


Cutting-off wheels are built to be used into extreme conditions.
The safety of our products is very important, as an improper use of the cutting or grinding wheels is very dangerous and can cause breaks and serious accidents.
The user has to respect the abrasive disc’s use rules and manipulate it with extreme care.
Since the abrasive disc is porous, it can absorb humidity. For this reason, the goods must be stored and preserved in dry warehouses in order to not to compromise their properties.
The consumer must use the different abrasive discs only for the operations required: it is forbidden using cutting-off wheels for grinding operations. Moreover, during cut and emery operations (both with portable and stationary machines) the piece to be worked must be firmly fixed).